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Technology Services

Helping an aging parent or loved one to remain independent has gotten easier in recent years. Technology services have improved and are extremely cost effective for most clients.

Newer Technology overcomes some of the troubles older systems had. Older systems were limited to being used with a standard home line. With the increased number of people dropping their home line to go cellular or VOIP, new technology has been developed to allow the emergency alert system to send a cellular signal when needed.

Another trouble occurred when clients would become disoriented and forget to push their button. Fall detection has been developed and can be added to the standard system. Anytime this system receives a signal saying there has been a fall an emergency call is placed giving our call center the ability to assess the situation and to get help when needed.

Emergency Alert

The BOB 3600 Emergency Alert

Bob 3600The BOB 3600 personal emergency response system helps clients feel safer and more independent. With the touch of a button, a Care Center representative will have direct contact with the client(s) and/or designated caregiver(s).
  • 8 programmable messages
  • Waterproof necklace or bracelet pendant
  • Hands free two way voice
  • Automatic monthly self test
  • 24 hour back up battery
  • Optional accessories for added protection, call for information.

CST MMS (Medication Management System)

CST MMS makes taking multiple medications safe, easy and convenient.CST Alert
  • Reminds,dispenses and organizes medications
  • Reduces medication errors
  • Monitored by CST if subscriber misses dose CST care center will call responder list.
  • 72 hour backup battery
  • Easy to fill and operate
  • 28 dose periods per disc (2 provided for a total of 56 doses)

New Product Offering Special

Exclusive pricing for Care N Assist clients when the BOB 3600 is used in conjunction with the CST MMS.

Home Medical Monitoring

Vital Signs, Weight and Blood Sugar monitoring system