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Corunna, MI was the starting point for Care N Assist. Now we operate our In-Home Care from this office just like the way we started, while managing to also provide Adult Day Care, Care Management, and Assisted Living services.

It is our pleasure to hire,  train and supervise Home Care Aides, HCA’s, who meet the needs of clients who live in Shiawassee County and Clinton County. From Durand to St Johns and from Chesaning to Perry, we are ready to meet the needs of people who wish to live at home.

Our in-home care is a great fit for someone who has just finished a rehabilitation program but was not able to completely recover to their former glory. A little bit of TLC from our staff and they will be able to stay home and be safe. We will handle things that are difficult to manage such as errands, housekeeping, and meal prep. We can also be there to assist with bathing as often as is needed during the week.

Ask us about our Care Packs Corunna 2018 when you call. They are designed to reflect the level of care needed when a client would otherwise move in with family, move to assisted living or move to a nursing home. In comparison, our service is much less expensive.

We will be glad to drive to your home for a FREE home conference to evaluate your need and to allow you to interview us. Call us at 989-277-0915.

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Adult Day Care @ Pat’s Place
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  • Offers a peaceful environment for mild to moderate dementia clients to spend the day in a social setting.
  • Is a positive way to create Respite time for the caregivers of individuals requiring 24-hour attention.
  • Each individual will be provided lunch, snacks, medication assistance and supplies needed for activities. 

Shiawassee Care Management

Care Management is a grant-funded Geriatric Assessment Program designed to assist “high risk” elderly living in Shiawassee County to remain in their homes.

The program accomplishes this through a Registered Nurse and Social Worker assessing the needs of the client, securing services he or she needs, and following up to maintain or revise services as needed. 

Wildwoods Assisted Living
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The need for assistance with daily living is common for many adults. Living at Wildwoods is supported by our Resident Care Aides and a fully accessible home.

The skill and functionality of our staff and home are not nearly as impressive as the kindness and compassion that the entire team has. Visit us and see their smiles and hear the laughter.

Contact Information

101 S. Shiawassee St
Corunna, MI 48817
office: 989-277-0915
fax: 989-743-4234

Care N Assist | Corunna

101 S Shiawassee St.
Corunna, MI 48817
phone: 989-277-0915
fax: 989-743-4234

Stacey Zsigo, RN, Franchise Owner

Glenn Sizemore is at the center of all our efforts here in Corunna, MI. He works as the Office Manager of our “corporate office,” as he likes to say. Other than being a bit of a joker, Glenn is educated at Baker College with a bachelor’s in business. He loves our community which is reflected in his history of volunteering, coaching, and willingness to support other community groups like Respite Volunteers of Shiawassee, the Shiawassee County Fair and student and youth projects.

Glenn’s philosophy is that a strong community makes for a strong business environment, one where we can grow and create jobs.